Almost there with new releases

I expect to have the new release wines out in March. There will be an Ancestral method white sparkling wine, blending Tumbarumba Chardonnay and Canberra Savagnin, alongside two table wines: the 2017 Fiano and 2016 Salita Sagrantino. The Fiano will be the first from Hilltops-grown fruit, while the Salita Sagrantino continues our plan of blending fruit from Canberra and Hilltops. No new red Ancestral this year as the fruit didn't make it.

Also in the throes of vintage. Returning to making a rose Ancestral sparkles this year (first since 2014) with a secret blend of red grapes. Shiraz and Sagrantino, actually, picked crisp blueberried early. The chardonnay for the white Ancestral came off this morning, the savagnin is due to be picked on Sunday. Hilltops Fiano already marching along in tank. Hilltops and Canberra Sagrantino for the 2018 Salita will be the last parcels in. Looking good so far for four wines.