CT and Winefront Reviews

There have been a couple of reviews of the Tumbarumba Gamay Ancestral in May.

Chris Shanahan in the Canberra Times on 6 May 2015 at Wine review – Sevenhill, Bowen Estate, Yalumba, Penfolds, d’Arenberg and Sassafras

And Mike Bennie at Wine Front on 22 May 2015 (you need to be a member to read the full review) at Sassafras Gamay Ancestral 2014...

"Top shelf pet nat. Never thought I’d say that; usually just guzzle the stuff down and shift on. It’s bright and vibrant in glass. Near the rim and musk, rose water and gentle sweet vanilla whiffs show with a dash of alpine herbs. Foamy mouthfeel, good creamy texture shifts to mouthwatering cranberry acidity. Bubbles are big and friendly, fruit is sweet-sour and there’s a lick of neat bitterness to whip the palate to fresh. Yum. This is fine, fresh and ballistically delicious. Sign up now."